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Agro Processing

25 Acres of land are earmarked towards the development of facilities for Food Processing and Agriculture based industries.


Advantages of being part of this Agro Processing Zone


  • Processing Units within our World Class Logistics Hub.

  • Warehousing for Raw Material and Finished Goods available within the Hub, reducing capital cost of the Processing Units

  • Rail Terminal available within the Hub, with 24 Hours reach to all major consumption centres on a Pan India Basis.

  • Facilities adjoining the NH-69 will permit quick and effective distribution over road and other Logistics Services.

  • Reduction in Logistics and Supply Chain cost, making the products from the Agro Processing Zone more competitive.

  • Both Domestic & EXIM requirements can be addressed from the Logistics Hub, providing best possible options to the Industries.

  • Raw Material Linkage to all major Mandis in the Area within a 50 Km. radius.

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